1/23/2016 by Abby R.

Great service!!! I came with a friend for gel manicures. She called about 15 minutes before we got here and they had two stations waiting for us. Once we were sitting down we were both supplied with hot packs to go around our neck which was very relaxing. After the polish was applied I received a little massage on my neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Really appreciate the time given by these ladies! Would definitely come back if I was ever in the Portland area again.

1/9/2016 by Sara N.

very interesting location for a nail salon but once we sat down, everything was great. my friend and I were treated very well. got the deluxe pedicure which included hot wax, massage, hot stones, soap scrub, mud..the whole deal! the two helping us were very friendly and sweet. great experience for $40.

10/20/2015 by Sarah S.

The staff here were all so nice and accomodating. We were able to get manicures and peticures pretty quickly, and added a 15 minute massage too. The prices are very reasonable and they give you a $5 coupon for the next time you return. I plan on coming back here!

8/21/2015 by Sonja A.

New favorite nail shop. Fab neck and shoulder massage and perfect gel manicure while watching oak leaves flutter out the windows. Dreamy!

8/17/2015 by Kit B.

My daughter suggested I give the place she goes to a try even though it's not in my neighborhood. I loved the shellac mani I got and the multitude of color choices floored me. I have been getting shellac mani's for a couple years now but the job done at Midas Nail Spa is much nicer than at my regular salon and well worth the extra $1 in cost considering the killer shoulder and arm massage. I'm returning this next weekend with my daughter to get my toe nails done. Can't wait

8/5/2015 by Tracy C.

Great spot in the NW. Really good attention to detail, and an excellent foot massage. Much better than other places at similar prices.  Place was clean, comfortable. They offer you glass of wine, cup of coffee or water while you get nails done. Went midweek and middle of day, sat down right away and didn't feel rushed to leave seat. Will definitely be going back.

8/3/2015 by Ashley F.

This is one of those places where I'm tempted to not write a review because I don't want even more people going :)

My mother and I get our nails done here every two weeks. My shellac is always perfectly intact by the time I come in for my next appointment and they work very hard to make sure every walk in and phone appointment can be seen.

I think it's important to note that this place does not focus on speed. If you want a pedicure in 30 minutes this isn't the place. They include hot stone and shoulder massages in your service and really take the time to clean your nails and nail beds.

If you want beautiful nails, it takes time. The primary focus of this salon is executing the best manicure or pedicure possible at an incredibly reasonable price. Go in and relax, let them take their time and you absolutely won't regret it.

This is by far the best nail salon I have been to in the Portland metro area.

7/21/2015 by Madison K.

Great little spot! After a few weeks of hiking with my boyfriend, we decided to treat ourselves to pedicures, which my boyfriend had never experienced before. They do honor the 15% off upon first yelp check in, which is a pretty cool deal.

We were driving into Portland after our hikes, and the first thing I wanted was this pedicure. Midas was the only place open past 6 on a Sunday night (they closed at 7), so we called for a reservation at 6:45 due to time constraints, and they were super sweet despite the timing.

The salon is located in an adorable old home-turned business building, with a cafe on the first floor and the salon on the second. The salon was well-kept and very tidy.

The polish selection was really great for both regular and shellac. After picking my color, we were taken to the pedicure chairs. My boyfriends chair had the built in electric back massager, but mine was broken, which was disappointing. One of the employees came up to offer us a selection of drinks, including hot tea, water, and red and white wine. I don't know about the wines, but we both got hot tea, and it was complimentary.

Then the pedicures began. We both got the $25 spa pedis, which included the foot soak, cut, file and cuticle work, lotion massage, calus treatment and exfoliating scrub. Mine also came with a standard polish, which was an additional $15 for shellac, a bit steep in my opinion.

But the work was well done! My nail tech had great attention to detail, and my boyfriend loved every second of his experience. A new nail tech took over to do my polish, which turned out great. They even treated us to hot stone massages, which are a part of the deluxe package, for no charge. That was fabulous.

7/19/2015 by Brittany P.

I enjoyed my experience at Midas. They were very nice and sweet. Their space was clean and comfortably decorated. The woman who did my manicure was nice and did a great job. I wanted simple and she delivered.

7/15/2015 by Donna M.

I was visiting from the east coast and my daughter brought me here as a treat.  I'm a picky old lady with bad cuticles and very dry skin.  WOW!  I had a great mani/pedi.  They did an excellent job with my cuticles and dry calloused feet (I know:  GROSS.  But they weren't grossed out and now my feet look good and feel good!)  I particularly enjoyed the massage, the price, and the french gel manicure.  It looked good then and still does almost 3 weeks later.  That's a record for me.  The best nail work I've ever had done.  Definite 5 stars!

7/4/2015 by Andi J.

This spot was very clean, had great service and had a huge selection of gel nail colors. The service was fast and reasonably priced. I'm definitely planning on returning to Midas for my next mani pedi. They have a frequent customer card that comes in handy too!

6/30/2015 by Sara M.

They are so efficient and pay close attention to detail. Always a great job.. This is by far the best service in PDX. Polish lasts longer than any other salon, shoulder rub included, and a glass of wine:)

6/9/2015 by Leela S.

Ask for Holly and you'll get a 5+ star manicure!

I am a snob about neat, precise, full-coverage shellac manicures. At first I was sat down with a technician who seemed a bit less experienced--she did my filing, cuticles, arm/shoulder massage, etc. She used a kit (buffing block, cuticle clippers, under-nail cleaner) that was NOT sanitized and had clearly been used already. She kept pausing to text on her phone, and she did not understand "rounded square" no matter how many ways I tried to explain.

The manicurist adjacent to us was doing a beautiful job on her client's shellac; I was ready to ask if she could please do my paint, as I was wary of my technician's precision and general ability.


She was ushered out by my coveted manicurist, and she basically re-did everything the previous girl had done--filing/buffing, cuticle touch-up, etc--with NEW TOOLS and proceeded to give me the most beautiful and precise shellac I've ever had. She stayed well after closing and asked if I would like another coat for better opacity... She was even surgeon-like in her focus on my top coat. I had asked for a flower and her nail art was BEAUTIFUL and fast. What a pro!

If Holly (the perfectionist) was doing my manicure from the beginning, this would be a five star review. I'm absolutely going back for all my next manicures, but I will be sure to ask for Holly.

P.S. They have punch-cards that'll earn you a free pedicure!

5/9/2015 by Sarah P.

I have nail salon hopped in Portland for the past 3 years. It is a shame I found this place weeks before moving away. Both times I had a shellac manicure. Their attention to detail is time consuming but is well worth it. Your shellac will last forever. Their massages are great and a mani includes a shoulder massage.

5/15/2015 By Christina E.

This place is great! They take such good care of you with massage, lotion and even wine/tea. Great prices, always available to take walk-ins but sometimes can be a bit busy. I would recommend making an appointment to guarantee your spot if you're on a tight time frame.

2/14/2015 by Scott S.

This was my first pedicure, so keep that in mind.

Whilst sitting in a massage chair, I received the following: warm foot bath, tea, nail trim, cuticle trim, foot scrub, leg scrub, wash, lotion, hot rock massage and clear coat. All for $25.

My fiancée said Midas will be her "place" moving forward, a statement which seemed to carry a lot of meaning.

2/10/2015 by Amy S.

This is the best nail salon I have ever been to. Each person I have had attend to either my hands or feet provides excellent and meticulous service. My nails look amazing, they have never been healthier (even with shellac manicures regularly) and they are always super kind to me throughout my visit. Each service includes an amazing foot/hand/neck and shoulder massage and they always offer you something to drink. My manicure lasts for what seems like forever. I can't go anywhere else now that I have found this gem in the Northwest!

1/17/2015 by Susan K.

Best Shellac manicure I ever had!

The manicure I got at Midas was ideal!  It was smooth, shiny, perfect amount of color, and outlasted any Shellac manicure I have gotten in the past.  They were gentle with my nails too.

Everyone who works there is extremely nice.  And, as an added bonus, you get a neck rub.  

At other salons where I have gotten Shellac manicures, the stylist was rough on my nails, the polish looked wavy, they used the wrong color because the number on the bottle was wrong, and I couldn't convince them that pink is not red, the look was too shear, or the polish chipped, sometimes the same day.  

I am thrilled to have found Midas.

1/7/2015 by Gene-Allen M.

So clearly I'm a guy... who doesn't get a ton of "nail stuff" done. It's been 4 years.. Thing is, I went with my girlfriend on a getaway from home(seattle), and the place was great for the location, and amenities. We found the place on yelp, with positive reviews, and decided to make a reservation to avoid any long waiting. They gladly set the appointment for a couple hours before they closed, and we were off! The nail spa is located in a old school house that separates the upper floor from it's bottom floor containing Vivace Coffee shop. We walked up the stairs, and we happily greeted. My lady was asked to pick out a color, then we only had a wait of 2 minutes before we were seated in the massage chairs awaiting our specialists, while the water filled in our foot soak tubs. My surprise came when they asked us both if we would like anything to drink. I replied with the question of what they had available. They tell me water, soda, and wine... "WINE!!? What types?", I replied. Red/White. We took the white, and we even had a free refill after the glass hit empty. The specialist took great care as we got out Manicures and Pedicure, that ended with a nice in-person Shoulder, neck, and arm massage. Worth the price, and better than what we were finding around it. We said as we sat there, nearly falling asleep from how relaxed they made us, that it's our permanent couples' spa day location.

 12/12/2014 by Alexis F.

I had a shellac manicure from holly and she was fabulous! She stayed late to finish my manicure and did not rush and even gave me a shoulder and hand massage even though the salon was closed I'd say that some great customer service Thank You Holly! Also they have an amazing range of shellac colors including matte colors

10/31/2014 by Kari D.

I used to be a salon hopper. There wasn't a particular salon I went to for a mani/pedi when it was time. I would go wherever was closest or could get me in the soonest. This isn't the case anymore. I've been coming to Midas for about a year and a half and they are by far the best nail salon I've ever been to. Their location being half a mile away from my apartment is just a bonus.

I always get the shellac mani and have never been disappointed. They listen to what I want and don't even give me a hard time when I come in with nails bit down to the skin and request a french polish. They offer me wine, tea, or water ever time I come in. A shoulder massage is included, which I think is a wonderful touch! And, when it's cold outside they will heat up a neck pillow for you.

Pedicures are reasonably priced and they offer little luxuries that other salons charge extra for (i.e. Hot stone massage). They do an amazing job of getting all that dead skin off your feet so they are smooth as can be. I've only had a problem with my polish being a little sloppy once, and people kept coming in so I understand he was slightly distracted.

If this place started serving draft beer (or 2Towns Cider), I would move in.

8/30/2014 by Lindsay N.

I love this nail salon! They just expanded too, so that is a big plus! I will say they do a great job, every time (every one i've seen). And the massage and special touches make this place my go-to!

8/27/2014 by Cola V.

It's hard to find a good $5 nail salon.  But Midas takes the lead for me.  We usually go to Oasis, but they are always SO busy & more expensive for nothing special...anyway. Midas is attached to a great coffee shop so that's a plus and they recently expanded which is also telling.  They ALSO use a grater (think cheese) on the bottom of your feet (if you ask) and that is simply AMAZing because it is really the only way to get that dead skin off.  They massage your feet and legs for much longer than I've had anywhere else and rubbed hot stones on my bf's feet/legs and he was in heaven.  I'll come here first for my next pedicure.  Price was great too: $25.

8/6/2014 by Zora O.

My boyfriend and I came in this afternoon before a photoshoot. I got a mani and he got a pedicure. He's super picky with who does his feet, but he had nothing but good things to say about Midas. Danny did such an amazing job with my acrylic nails! He is super skilled, and really friendly. I've heard so many people speak highly of him, and I definitely understand why. I will absolutely be coming back to this salon time and time again!

7/14/2014 by Steph L.

Best nail place I've experienced downtown.  They have a new set of nail tools (cuticle cutter, cuticle pusher, nail cutter) for each client, vacuum-sealed, at no extra charge.  They do use communal nail files/nail buffers, but I bring my own.  A small joint which probably has taken up the entire top floor by now (last time I was there they were expanding).  Never had to book an appt. but try to go during off-hours.

Pedis feel so relaxing and they actually massage your calves, they don't just slap some lotion on there and call it a day.  If you get a mani, they give you a nice shoulder massage (around 5-7 min or so) which feels excellent.  Never had that treatment at any of the other nail spas in downtown Portland.

7/2/2014 by Emma V.

I am super picky/overly ridiculous when it comes to my nails. They have to be perfect. This place gets it right EVERY SINGLE time. This is the only nail place I will go to in Portland. I always get a gel manicure (they have the largest selection of colors I have seen in Portland) and a spa pedicure. The massage is relaxing, the results are literally perfect. I have never been disappointed. Plus the staff is very nice and friendly

6/20/2014 by Chelsea G.

My favorite place in Portland!! Natalie is so amazing and nice. She is the best at shellac manicures! Literally perfect job where you don't have to worry about your nails again for at least 2 weeks! I have been trying many new places since moving to NW Portland and Midas nails is by far the best quality. It's $5 more than average place but it's completely worth it. Ask for Natalie or Holly and you'll never go anywhere else again!

6/9/2014 by Mara M.

Quality gel nail work, a little stuffy and warm in a very tight space. During your wax someone may come in to use the sink. The gentleman does the best work. My first few visits were TLC packed - heated neck wraps, complimentary neck massage - haven't had that on my last 3 visits and they intermittently charge me for gel removal. The punch card to earn free services is nice. They happily accept credit/debit cards. Appointments highly recommended as it's very busy at most times.

5/31/2014 by Jen G.

This place was great! We came in for the basic pedicure (which is far from basic).  In addition to having great massage chairs, wine/tea/water and a great pedicure, the leg massage was out of this world! It was the best leg massage I've had with a pedicure.  There was massaging before and after the pedicure and a hot stone massage included. The technician was so friendly and did an amazing job!

5/31/2014 by Moe M.

My wife and I were on vacation without our kids and I figured I'd treat her to a manicure/pedicure. Since I'd be there waiting anyhow I decided to get my first ever manicure.

The staff there was very friendly and did a great job. My wife was very pleased with their work and for me, while they didn't have much to work with, they cleaned up my hands quite well.

Since her work took longer they had me relax in their massage chair while I waited.

I'm not sure if/when we'd be back in Portland again but if we do manage it I think we'll both stop in again.

5/9/2014 by Sarah S.

Im always super impressed by this Salon. The first time I went here was to meet a friend and I was moderately concerned just because it was so small but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do they have a HUGE selection of polishes and colors but they really do a fantastic job. They really take their time to make sure that your nails are perfect and that you are happy. Its a high end job at a low end price. Cant beat it.

4/24/2014 by Lindsay M.

Love this place! The staff is so friendly, their prices are reasonable and they have a stamp card! woo! Love that! They reward repeat costumers and more often times than not, they'll give me a $5 off coupon toward my next service. So great. There are many nail spas out there but I keep going to this one because of the customer service, coupons and rewards benefits. Great polish selection too!

4/15/2014 by Magie P.

I love this place!!!! This is my little treat to myself. I am an LMT in the area and like to keep my hands looking nice. I walked in one day to take care of some hang nails and to my surprise got a great little massage myself :) they go above and beyond. Always happy when I leave and it is affordable.

4/5/2014 by Jamie S.

If our Lord and Savior was a nail technician, He'd work here at Midas. They do THEEEEE best job on everything they touch.
Beware: those ladies are STRONG! I can't handle strong handed massages, but everyone else on the planet can, so you'll LOVE it here.
The staff there is very welcoming, and fun. I'll never go elsewhere! Never!

4/3/2014 by Laurie F.

I had a wonderful experience here today...my daughter found  and we loved it! Staff is very friendly, pedi's were great, massage chairs very nice and we were offered a complimentary glass of wine during our treatment.

3/4/2014 by Chelsea A.

My mother and I just got done having pedicures at Midas Nail Spa. It was very quaint! I'm new to the neighborhood and am looking forward to going again. They had a great selection of colors, great massage chairs and a relaxing atmosphere! And I always like refreshments!

3/2/2014 by Kristin L.

They really go all out here. For $55 you get shellac mani, spa pedi, leg and arm and shoulder massage, hot tea, and a lavender hot neck pillow. It's been a long time since I have gotten my money's worth at a nail salon.

1/24/2014 by Amanda S

This is the best place I've been in portland to get my nails done. The staff were friendly, if a little quiet but I'll take that over awkward questions any day. They have a huge variety of shellac colors and give you a shoulder and arm massage all for $30! They have champagne and wine if you're in the mood and this is the place I plan on taking my bridal shower to get our nails done now that I've found it :). I also got my eyebrows waxed and again: best in portland. I'm so glad I walked in.

1/12/2014 by Cynthia L.

Very nice shop and very wonderful staff!! Defiantly coming back here! I loved the atmosphere and the color option for gel nails was ginormous!

10/21/2013 by Rai W.

This place is pretty great. I love the location, so convenient to 23rd shopping. The ladies and gents that work here are very attentive (some reviewers said they didn't like it and though it was bossy, hahaha) and will help you get your coat on, etc. with you wet nails. Very thoughtful staff. Thank you Midas Nails!

6/02/2013 by Brittanie M.

This place has really grown on me and is now my go to spot for nails. It's not quite the greatest ambiance around, but I have definitely noticed improvements and I always have a relaxing experience here regardless. What sets them apart from the rest:

1.) They are quick to offer you a drink and have you sit down. I always look forward to their tea, it is so good!

2.) They really go all out with their massages here. With a manicure you even get a little shoulder massage.

3.) With all services they give you a nice heated neck pillow thing.

4.) They are super nice.

5.) Anytime I've came here I have just walked in and was helped right away. I almost regret writing this review and ultimately don't want too many to know about my favorite spot because right now they are never too busy where I can't get in!

5/24/2013 by sascha F.

This is my favorite nail spa. They always have openings and their prices are the same as the cheap salons except they offer you free wine, have exceptionally better chairs and services and have a beautiful space with lots of natural lighting and windows. They always give me a warm neck pillow and long lovely foot massages with hot stones at the end included in the basic pedicure.They are very sweet and friendly too.

4/20/2013 by Rachael E.

Came here as part of girlfriends' getaway weekend.  The place is a little bit crammed but clean.  It's totally worth it to get their deluxe mani/pedi -- they'll give you a really good shoulder and food/leg massage with hot stones.  Totally worth every penny :)

3/27/2013 by Mary M.

I have been going to Midas for years.  It is my go to place for getting together with the girls.  We have taken this place over for birthdays...which was just great.. I have shown up at the last minute needing a manicure or pedi and they always go the extra mile to fit me in.  I like to relax when I am at the spa, so this place is perfect...attentive staff but not overly chatty ...they let me chill out ...my manicures last for about two weeks and that is on natural nails.  They always have those mags I love to read but don't get a home...my guilty pleasure.

12/28/2012 by Andrea S.

I had a fantastic mani/pedi here.  They were very thorough and paid more attention to detail than any other place I've been.  They offer free tea/wine/hot chocolate, and they are generous about refilling your glass often.  There are so many small added perks they give you to make it a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

12/01/2012 by katrina p.

Midas Nail Spa has really sweet people working there and it's a very welcoming, cozy nail salon! I went with their basic spa pedicure and my toes and feet look fantastic. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone.

11/25/2012 by Jessica B.

Nails last, nice people !

07/26/2012 by Mary A.

Seriously the BEST place to get a pedicure!  I am a pedicure fan and have tried many places, but am in love with this place!  They give the best massages that go for so much longer than any other I've ever had!  She did amazing designs and the pedicures last so long!  They are so sweet and friendly.  I am absolutely in love with this place!

07/16/2012 by Alyssa C.

I got the BEST MANICURE EVER here! Normally when I get manicure, the paint starts to chip after a couple days. Here it lasted a full 5 days before it started MNIMALLY chipping - I was ecstatic!

But let's get down to the important stuff: the massages. The girl who helped me gave me a foot rub that just went on and on and on and I couldn't have been in more bliss! Then on the manicure she really spent a lot of time massaging my hands and even went up my arms and rubbed my shoulders - chyeah! Plus they really did a great, careful job on my toes and nails and did some great artistic designs on my toes and fingers - 2 for $5 for a beautiful design. I don't know what all these hater reviews are talking about with the place being hot - I went on an 85 degree day and was cool as a cucumber!

$25 gets you a pedi and $15 gets you the added mani - great deal especially for the location! And they gave me a punch card - buy 10 get one free!

Really I can't recommend this place enough. Great experience!

June 21, 2012 by Carolyn A.

 I just love this place! I loved with the previous owner and just love the new owner. They have redone the place and have added more services. Just Fabulous!!!

05/26/2012 by Carolyn S.

I've been going here for over 3 years and will continue to go with the new owners.  They have transformed the place and it's even better.  They make you feel special and you leave with a smile.

05/09/2012 by Keith A.

My BF and I when to this place for 1st time and we love it right away.The salon is small,intimate and friendly.The atmostphere is relaxed. I got a man ,he's thorough,clean and professional and my BF got a woman who is also great. We love it,great price too.What a value! We 're so glad that we found them and my BF already made appoinment for his piercing !(they do piercing too!).

05/04/2012 by Kellyelizabeth22

The service was above and beyond excellent when I went in for a manicure at this wonderful little spa on NW 23rd. From start to finish, my manicurist went out of her way to make sure that I was relaxed and happy. It's the little details that stick out in my mind that made the experience great, from being offered tea right when I arrived, to the patience of my manicurist when I took a bit longer choosing a color from their impressive OPI and Chanel polish collection. The hand massage was great, and my nails and cuticles looked fantastic by the end of my appointment. I only lasted five days before I found another excuse to go in for some more pampering! I would definitely recommend it here for any newcomer looking to treat herself.

05/03/2012 by joannn600

I went to Midas to have my pedi/gel done for my b-day party.This shop is super clean,staff are so nice they made you feel welcome. They take time for my pedi and my nails look so pretty when it done.I absolutely will come back this place.

04/21/2012 by BettyS245

Best Pedicure in Town. Manicures and pedicures are amazing. Staff takes their time with a VERY relaxing experience. My manicures last longer, too.

A keeper

07/14/09 by mclovin08

I came here due to the reviews on here so I figured I should share how my experience was: AWESOME. They weren't super chatty and rude like some places are, and they just overall did a fantastic job! I took my mother along with me and she is a hard woman to please, but enjoyed her deluxe mani/pedi. Came with a good moisturizing massage, salt scrub, foot mask, and paraffin dip. The place is really small but they make the most out of the space so its not claustrophobic. Also everything is clean, which is always a plus. I will definitely come back here!


The best nail spa in Portland

01/11/09 by jmus

I have been going to Midas Nail Spa for years and can honestly say it is the best in town. Their prices are very reasonable yet their service is outstanding. I highly recommend them!


NW Portland's hidden nail salon jewel

11/01/08 by summermoon

I visited Midas based on reviews, and am extremely glad that I did. I called early in the afternoon for a same-day manicure at 5:15. When I arrived and said that I had a 5:15 appointment, they greeted me by name, which was pleasantly surprising. After being directed to choose my polish from the Opi selection, I was offered water, hot tea or a glass of wine. The nail technician who did my manicure did an excellent job. One thing I liked is that she didn't try to talk my ear off - she was quiet and very efficient. After finishing my manicure, I was able to sit with my hands under the dryer for as long as I wanted to. As I was leaving, I was thanked for coming.
The salon is small, but cozy (not claustrophobic) and very clean. It's set up to make the most out of the limited space without being cluttered. All three of the girls there are polite and efficient, and do an excellent job. Prices are on par with other nail salons in the area, but the service sets it far above the multitude of other nail salons in NW Portland. Highly recommended! I can't wait to go back next time!


Most friendly and talent nail techs

09/18/08 by hael25

My mother and I visits Midas last week for pedicures and it's our fist time there. As we arrived, all three girls were greetings us like they know us. One girl help us to select colors and another set-up the chairs and Wendy offer us for drinks. This is a great experienced to us. Our pedicures are wonderful, the designs on our big toes look beautiful. Highly recommended to anyone.


Best Pedicure and Manicure I Have Ever Had!!

09/17/08 by beefygirl

I have come to Midas for more than one year now...for about 3-4 visits per month! I am always greeted with a smile and a happy nail tech! The service is consistently wonderful; the salon and implements are always clean and sanitized. I have referred many people there and all people have left happy and many continue to visit Midas. The girls give an awesome pedicure/manicure for the price...can't beat the location, the salon, or the service anywhere in town! I highly recommend Midas to become YOUR nail salon of choice!!


Outstanding Manicure/Pedicure Services!

09/16/08 by KLBerts

Wendy and her staff are wonderful! Midas Nail Spa is exceptionally clean, modern and comfortable. Always accommodating, they work with your schedule to make sure appointments are convenient. I have had nothing but lovely experiences at Midas and always feel pampered and well cared for. Wendy is a wizard with solar gels and the pedicures are the longest lasting I've found anywhere. I've become a "regular" in the last several months and am so happy to have found such congenial and talented individuals to take care of my personal services! Good Job you guys and many thanks for all your kindnesses! :-)


Just Stellar

06/12/08 by MelEll

I contacted Wendy with a huge request: to host my bridal party and myself (11 ladies in all!) to a morning of pampering and they went above and beyond!! She closed down the shop for us, provided us with pastries, fruit and mimosas and got us in and out on time. The prices are incredible and the quality of service was amazing. I have been to a lot of other nail salons in the area and I would not recommend any as highly as I would Midas. Thank you for an awesome experience!



04/18/08 by sltrg

I made a same-day appointment to get a spa pedicure. They were very pleasant on the phone, and accommodating. Once I arrived- I was greeted by all the girls, and received an hour plus of foot pampering. The place is very clean, the service is an A+ experience, and highly recommend this nail spa to everyone.


Great, relaxing, intimate experience

02/05/08 by lizgal

I took a girlfriend who had been going through a stressful time to Midas for a pampering spa pedicure and genuine relaxation. The gals were wonderful and friendly, the shop very clean and I lvoed the intimate atmosphere.
Highly recommended. I'll be going back to have my nails done.


Very Clean and Friendly

11/09/07 by jollies

I chose Midas Nail Spa due to the reviews on here. I'm so glad I gave it a shot. I am relatively new to Portland so I've been testing the waters to find a place I like. I've been to several mediocre places and one awful place where I actually walked out because it was so dirty. Midas was a refreshing change. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how clean the place was. I even peaked into their storage closet and it was immaculate! All the tools they used were sanitized and they gave us the nail file and buffer they used on us for our use at home. The place is also extremely small which caters to a quiet relaxing atmosphere. Wendy and Lily were so nice and their prices are comprable to other nail spas in the area. I normally don't bother to write reviews on Cityseach (I should probably start since I use it all the time) but this experience was worth the review.


Fantastic Mani-pedi!!!

08/23/07 by colocha6

Just went to Midas nails and had a great experience. The place is clean and cozy, the prices are good and my nails look beautiful. Thank you!


Best pedicures ever!

06/08/2007 by cherylowen

Wow! This place is new so appointments are readily available. My friends and I called and scheduled 3 manicure/pedicures for later the same day. The salon is small, immaculate, intimate. Wendy and Lily made us feel very comfortable, gave the best pedicures we have ever had. Manicures were fantastic too. Prices were great! CAN'T RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH. Must compare them to your current nail salon. I think you'll be impressed.


Midas Nails Spa

06/04/2007 by volztd

What a great establishment. Wendy is so friendly and makes you feel right at home. The prices are amazing and well worth the visit! A place you should visit!




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